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Upgrade Your Consciousness with Daniel Schmachtenberger

by Scott Barry Kaufman, May 29, 2017

Today’s guest on The Psychology Podcast is the polymath Daniel Schmachtenberger, a social engineer, evolutionary philosopher, and strategist. This episode discusses a wide range of consciousness-raising issues, including the biology of dysfunction, the philosophy and scientific implications of creating systemic cultural and personal changes, the difference between nootropics and smart drugs, the future of cognitive assessments and […]

Dr. Heather Moday on Functional and Integrative Medicine

by Scott Barry Kaufman, May 24, 2017

On today’s episode of The Psychology Podcast, friend of the show Dr. Heather Moday shares her unique medical expertise to help us live healthier, happier and more productive lives. Dr. Moday is a board-certified physician who is passionate about changing the way medicine is practiced in this country. In this episode, Dr. Moday suggests some tips […]

How to be Awesome at Life with Eric Barker

by Scott Barry Kaufman, May 16, 2017

Eric Barker is the author of the widely popular blog, “Barking Up The Wrong Tree”, and he has a new book out with the same title (see here). Barker is known for his science-informed articles on how to be awesome at life. For today’s episode, we focus on a range of topics that will help you be […]

Increase Your Emotional Agility with Susan David

by Scott Barry Kaufman, May 10, 2017

Susan David is one of the world’s leading experts on emotional agility, an important psychological skill that can help you live a fuller life. In this episode, I speak with Dr. David about how to cultivate emotional agility, the paradox of happiness, job crafting, authenticity, and living a life aligned with one’s personal values. I’m […]

Thriving in College (And In Life) with Dan Lerner

by Scott Barry Kaufman, May 3, 2017

Friend of the show Dan Lerner stops by to share the latest research on how to thrive in college (and in life). Our conversation covers a wide array of topics related to well-being in the college population, including some of the pitfalls of perfectionism, how to determine your passion and keep it healthy, using character […]

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