Monthly Archives: March, 2016

Dr. Ron Friedman on Extraordinary Workplaces

March 26, 2016

Ron Friedman Ph.D. shares research from his latest book The Best Place to Work, about the art and science of creating an extraordinary workplace. Ron discusses how businesses can appeal to basic psychological needs like autonomy, competence and relatedness to design a work environment which optimizes engagement and creativity. It’s an especially practical episode, where we […]

The New Principles of Business Management with Dr. David Burkus

March 21, 2016

On this episode of The Psychology Podcast, Dr. David Burkus discusses the latest research in organizational psychology to help business thrive in our post-industrial world. In particular, we talk about his latest book, Under New Management, which reveals the counter-intuitive leadership practices that actually enhance engagement and drive performance in companies. This is a great episode for anyone interested […]

Discussing the Nature of Childhood Prodigies with Kimberly Stephens

March 7, 2016

On this episode of the psychology podcast, we gain insight into the fascinating and mysterious psychology of child prodigies. Kimberly Stephens recently co-authored a book with psychologist Joanne Ruthsatz investigating the link between autism and extraordinary childhood talent called The Prodigy’s Cousin, which had made her an excellent source of knowledge. We discuss the extraordinary working […]