Monthly Archives: August, 2019

The Psychology Podcast is looking for a new executive producer!

August 30, 2019

The Psychology Podcast is looking for a new executive producer! Are you: Insatiably curious? Fascinated with psychology? Enthusiastic about podcasts? Open to multiple perspectives? Want to interact with leading psychologists?   Then email info@scottbarrykaufman.com with the following information (put “Executive Producer Position” in the subject line): Name Location Age Current Job Production experience Life goals Biggest […]

[Rerun] Brené Brown on Creativity, Courageous Vulnerability and Wholehearted Living

August 28, 2019

We are especially grateful (and giddy) to be sharing this episode with our listeners! Brene Brown’s work really gels with our core interests here on The Psychology Podcast, and the resulting conversation contains some enthusiastic and empirically informed banter that is sure to inform and delight. We geek out over some counter-intuitive findings, like how incredibly compassionate […]

[Rerun] Susan Cain and the Quiet Revolution: Unlocking the Power of Introverts

August 22, 2019

Best-selling author Susan Cain shares her personal philosophy and the research that started a movement to empower introverts! For this episode, we wanted to share ourselves – We discuss our values, epiphanies and perspectives on the good life. We also shed light on introversion across a range of topics, including vocations, testing and the differences […]

Mind the Mindfulness Hype with David Vago

August 14, 2019

Today it’s a delight to have David Vago on the podcast. Dr. Vago is Research Director of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He also maintains an appointment as a research associate in the Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory at Harvard Medical School. David aims to clarify adaptive mind-brain-body interactions and their […]

How Good Are We, Really? With Christian Miller

August 8, 2019

Today it’s great to have Christian Miller on the podcast. Dr. Miller is A.C. Reid Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University and Director of the Character Project, funded by the John Templeton Foundation and Templeton World Charity Foundation. He is the author of over 75 papers as well as the author of Moral Character: […]

Implicit Bias and Open Science with Brian Nosek

August 1, 2019

Today with have Brian Nosek on the podcast. Nosek is co-Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Open Science (http://cos.io/) that operates the Open Science Framework (http://osf.io/). The Center for Open Science is enabling open and reproducible research practices worldwide. Brian is also a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of […]