Monthly Archives: June, 2023

The Real Differences Between the Generations || Jean Twenge

June 29, 2023

Today we welcome Jean Twenge to the podcast. Jean is professor of psychology at San Diego State University. She frequently gives talks and seminars on generational differences and technology based on a dataset of 39 million people. Her audiences have included college faculty and staff, parent groups, military personnel, camp directors, and corporate executives. Her […]

Integral Theory, Awakening, and Society || Ken Wilber

June 22, 2023

Today we welcome Ken Wilber to the podcast. Ken is the developer of Integral Theory. He is also the founder of the Integral Institute, which was formed in collaboration with over 200 scholars and experts, specializing in education, politics, business, medicine, psychology, spirituality, law and criminal justice. His 25 books have been translated into 30 […]

The Journey of Leadership || Alisa Cohn

June 15, 2023

Today we welcome Alisa Cohn to the podcast. Alisa is an executive coach who has worked with C-suite executives at prominent startups such as Venmo, Etsy, and The Wirecutter, as well as Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Google and Pfizer. Her clientele also includes leaders from around the world, including the first female minister […]

Meet Your Future Self || Hal Hershfield

June 8, 2023

Today we welcome Hal Hershfield to the podcast. Hal is a Professor of Marketing, Behavioral Decision Making, and Psychology at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. The recipient of numerous teaching awards, Hal was named one of “The 40 Most Outstanding B-School Profs Under 40 In The World” by business education website Poets & Quants. He […]

Podcast Improv Jam || Dan Lerner

June 1, 2023

Today we welcome Dan Lerner to the podcast. As an in-demand speaker, author, strengths-based performance coach and instructor of one of the most popular undergraduate courses at New York University, Dan’s expertise in positive psychology helps people lead thriving, successful lives. He works with students, artists, athletes and numerous Fortune 500 companies and executives around […]