How to be Awesome at Life with Eric Barker

May 16, 2017

Eric Barker is the author of the widely popular blog, “Barking Up The Wrong Tree”, and he has a new book out with the same title (see here). Barker is known for his science-informed articles on how to be awesome at life. For today’s episode, we focus on a range of topics that will help you be awesome at life, including when to grit and when to quit, whether nice guys really finish last, the perils of self-esteem, how it’s who you know instead of what you know that really matters, and how people can achieve success while striking a work-life balance. It’s a fun and playful episode that contains a high-level discussion of many of the most researched constructs in psychology today, such as introversion/extroversion, giving/taking, deliberate practice/grit, and much more! Please leave feedback in the comments below.

To learn more about Eric, check out his blog at bakadesuyo.comFor a month of free access to over 8,000 awesome video lectures, check out thegreatcoursesplus.com/Psych.

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