Upgrade Your Consciousness with Daniel Schmachtenberger

by Scott Barry Kaufman, May 29, 2017

Today’s guest on The Psychology Podcast is the polymath Daniel Schmachtenberger, a social engineer, evolutionary philosopher, and strategist. This episode discusses a wide range of consciousness-raising issues, including the biology of dysfunction, the philosophy and scientific implications of creating systemic cultural and personal changes, the difference between nootropics and smart drugs, the future of cognitive assessments and the quantified self, the future of customized medical and wellness protocols, aspects of human nature that impede compassion and kindness, how changing the genome will change our entire conception of human nature, what we can do to predispose humans toward perspective taking, emotional resilience, and greater empathy, and how to make a scientifically commensurate ethics and existentialism. As you can see, this episode covers quite the gamut. Enjoy the show, and please join in the discussion below!

2 Responses to “Upgrade Your Consciousness with Daniel Schmachtenberger”

  1. Roger says:

    I’m calling bullshit on this podcast episode. There were so many neologisms, slogans, obfuscations, Shropra-isms and sham-scientific mumbo-jumbo per second of this episode, I thought I was stuck in a “Sounds True” podcast episode. Just ridiculous and unlistenable.

  2. Peter says:

    As an abstraction there is little doubt that such synthesis is quite laudable.
    Hypothetically the ‘omni’ characteristic ,while used as defining and distinguishing
    this evolutionary approach , suffers from a practical and quite fatal observation.
    When he admits we are in a new epoch – the issue of ‘omni-all’ falls flat!
    New approaches, perspectives means we do not yet know what they are ,so how can we possibly
    synthesis them and consider them along with others. NOT too likely. BUT kudos for promoting the
    need for synthesis inside and outside the box.

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