Monthly Archives: May, 2016

Reducing Anxiety Through Play with Charlie Hoehn

May 31, 2016

On this episode of the Psychology Podcast, we welcome renaissance man and psychology enthusiast Charlie Hoehn. Charlie has carved a unique path through this world that has led him to work with best-selling authors like Tim Ferris, Tucker Max and Ramit Sethi, all while pursuing his own work as a writer. We talk about his […]

Legendary Psychologist Dr. Seymour Epstein on the Cognitive-Experiential Self-Theory of Personality

May 21, 2016

An intellectual hero of the show, 91 year old Seymour Epstein is the creator of one of the most well-respected theories in personality psychology: the Cognitive-Experiential Self-Theory of Personality (CEST). In this episode, we discuss how Epstein discovered his calling, what the field of psychology was like in the 1940s, his experience taking a class with […]

Dr. Stuart Ritchie on Intelligence, IQ Testing and Genetics

May 3, 2016

Dr. Stuart Richie is an expert in human intelligence differences and their relations to the brain, genetics, and education. This episode distills some of the most important and interesting ideas in intelligence, IQ testing, genetics and their affects on society at large. We discuss the false dichotomy between nature vs. nurture. We illuminate popular media […]