Monthly Archives: December, 2014

Adam Grant on givers, takers, matchers and fakers

December 20, 2014

University of Pennsylvania Wharton School Professor and bestselling author Adam Grant presents some heartening research on how being a giver can lead to success. He and Scott chat about a plethora of topics, including the meaning of friendship, introversion, takers, and fakers, and the importance of challenging dogmatic science. In this episode you will hear: […]

Discussing the origins of extraordinary athletic performance with David Epstein

December 6, 2014

Bestselling author David Epstein discusses research on the complex interplay of nature and nurture in sports, how mentality propels success, how we assess potential, sex differences in sport, and why getting older doesn’t mean we can’t achieve greatness. In this episode you will hear about: Baselines abilities vs. trainability Common mistakes we make when judging potential Genetic […]