Monthly Archives: April, 2023

What is Creativity? || The Human Potential Lab

April 27, 2023

Welcome to The Human Potential Lab! In this special series of The Psychology Podcast, I will be doing solo episodes answering your burning questions about the mind, brain, human behavior, and human potential. In the second episode of this series, I will be talking about creativity and how it differs from intelligence. Creativity can come […]

Life in Five Senses || Gretchen Rubin

April 20, 2023

Today we welcome Gretchen Rubin, one of today’s most influential and thought-provoking observers of happiness and human nature. She’s a highly acclaimed writer, having sold millions of copies of her New York Times bestselling books. Her podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, has more than 220 million downloads. As the founder of The Happiness Project, Gretchen […]

The Journey from Isolation to Openness and Freedom || Sharon Salzberg

April 13, 2023

Today we welcome Sharon Salzberg, who is a meditation pioneer, world-renowned teacher, and New York Times bestselling author. She is the co-founder of The Insight Meditation Society. Her podcast, The Metta Hour, has amassed six million downloads and features interviews with thought leaders from the mindfulness movement and beyond. Her latest book is called Real […]

The New Science of Consciousness || Anil Seth

April 6, 2023

Today we welcome Dr. Anil Seth. He is the Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sussex, where he is also Co-Director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science. His research has been supported by the European Research Council, the Wellcome Trust, and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. Dr. Seth’s 2017 […]