Monthly Archives: October, 2015

Learning How to Learn with Barbara Oakley

October 24, 2015

On this episode of The Psychology Podcast, we dive deep into the psychology of learning with one of its top experts, Barbara Oakley PhD. She shares some tremendously practical advice on how to optimize learning, boost memory and neutralize procrastination. We also shed light on related topics like improving the education system, the mechanics of learning, popular perceptions […]

Jane McGonigal on How Video Games Can Make Us SuperBetter

October 11, 2015

Gamers rejoice! Bestselling author, video game designer, and TED talk superstar Jane McGonigal stops by to discuss her research on the positive effects of gaming. Jane is a goldmine of science-backed information on how games can fight depression and PTSD, encourage creativity and help to achieve real-world goals. We get personal as Jane shares the struggle with a […]

Celebrating Smart Girls in the 21st Century with Barbara Kerr, Ph.D.

October 4, 2015

Distinguished Professor Barbara Kerr, Ph.D. is a wellspring of knowledge on creativity, giftedness and optimal experience in the 21st century. This episode is a treasure trove of insight into the unique socio-cultural challenges, life-trajectories and opportunities of smart and talented young girls and women. The topic is near and dear to our hearts here at The […]