What is Creativity? || The Human Potential Lab

April 27, 2023

Welcome to The Human Potential Lab! In this special series of The Psychology Podcast, I will be doing solo episodes answering your burning questions about the mind, brain, human behavior, and human potential.

In the second episode of this series, I will be talking about creativity and how it differs from intelligence.

Creativity can come in many different forms. It can be expressed through artistic compositions, through ingenious solutions to problems, or even through the combination of seemingly paradoxical ideas. Over the years, there’s been a large number of scientific studies which have sought to measure creativity. Not only that, but researchers have been able to identify what predicts divergent thinking and its association with certain personality traits. Other fascinating areas of investigation include the link between mental illness and creativity and the neuroscience behind the creative process. Today we will touch on all of these exciting areas. 

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  • Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking
  • “Beyonder” characteristics
  • Personality traits associated with creativity
  • Ego strength of creative individuals 
  • Creative people have messy minds
  • Neuroscience of creativity
  • The link between creativity and mental illness
  • Flow and the creative process
  • Combining originality and relevance

3 Responses to “What is Creativity? || The Human Potential Lab”

  1. Tracey Grist says:

    I am listening to your podcast at the moment from the UK.
    I find myself wondering, if a (general) HSP personality can experience a wider bandwidth of extremes as a creative may also, what would mark the difference between the two types?

  2. Kester says:

    When I typed it there were paragraph breaks!!

  3. Kester says:

    Second time listening through, more questions:

    I’m wondering if my adhd is really because my salience tagging network is fighting with my executive control network. Executive control network seems to be dominated with what other people expect me to do – according to their values. So as soon as they’re out of sight I’m back to what I feel is really salient. I’m thinking to try this out by making my own scheduling template in Obsidian and using the Full Calendar plugin and try out for a while as an exercise including what I feel about tasks and events not just whether externally they’re important or urgent. I think I’ll try using the 31 Human Potential value tags. And separate UIBU and IBNUs. I tend to do too much of IBNUs and not enough of the UIBUs.

    Second thought – could you put together a range of positive psychology / humanistic meditations or brain exercises based on all the research and experimental methods about how to optimally balance all the factors needed for optimal creative accomplishment? And label which is for what, so when people are feeling imbalanced one way or another they can focus on the counter-balancing meditation exercise?

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