Adam Grant on givers, takers, matchers and fakers

December 20, 2014

University of Pennsylvania Wharton School Professor and bestselling author Adam Grant presents some heartening research on how being a giver can lead to success. He and Scott chat about a plethora of topics, including the meaning of friendship, introversion, takers, and fakers, and the importance of challenging dogmatic science.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Scott and Adam psychoanalyze each other
  • The difference between givers, takers, matchers, and fakers
  • The core differences between social introversion and extraversion
  • The professional/romantic ramifications of being a giver or taker
  • How to structure educational environments to reward givers
  • Jonah Salk’s big mistake
  • Who will leave the lasting legacy – Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?
  • Who is a benevolent narcissist? Who is a covert narcissist?
  • Why Adam defended Malcolm Gladwell
  • The relevance of emotional intelligence
  • The difference between a scholar and a fundamentalist
  • The importance of rebelling against your own ideas
  • Why success depends more on giving than people realize
  • Signs that you are a taker
  • How to overcome “compassion fatigue”

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HR’s most influential international thinkers, BusinessWeek‘s favorite professors, and the world’s top 40 business professors under 40. He is the author of Give and Take,New York Times bestselling book that has been translated into 27 languages and has been named one of the best books of 2013 by Amazon, the Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal— as well as one Oprah‘s riveting reads, Harvard Business Review‘s ideas that shaped management, and the Washington Post‘s books every leader should read. Malcolm Gladwell recently identified Adam as one of his favorite social science writers, calling his work “brilliant.”” – Blurb taken from Adam’s UPenn biography

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