Todd Kashdan || The Art of Insubordination

February 17, 2022

In this episode, I talk to esteemed psychologist Todd Kashdan about the art of insubordination. As creatures of habit, humans seek familiarity in thoughts, behaviors, and interactions. But Todd argues that deviating from norms isn’t always a bad thing—especially if it’s in pursuit of positive change. To enact principled dissent effectively, Todd teaches us how to persuade the majority and how to embrace unconventional solutions. We also touch on the topics of conformity, intimacy, influence, victimhood, and curiosity.


Todd Kashdan is among the world’s top experts on the psychology of well-being, psychological strengths, mental agility, and social relationships. His research has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including multiple articles in the Harvard Business Review, New York Times, and Forbes. In 2010, he received the Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year Award at George Mason University and in 2013, he received the Distinguished Early Career Researcher Award by the American Psychological Association. Todd is the author of Curious?, The Upside of Your Darkside, and Designing Positive Psychology. His latest book is The Art of Insubordination. 

Website: toddkashdan.com

Twitter: @toddkashdan


  • The elements of principled insubordination
  • Why do people conform?
  • Social change by principled rebels 
  • Win responsibly
  • Extract wisdom from weirdos
  • Do cartwheels in the library
  • Self-care for rebels
  • How to win over the majority
  • Spark curiosity not fear
  • Build stronger alliances during conflict
  • Boredom, polarization, and insight

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