A Theory of Awkwardness with Melissa Dahl

February 21, 2018

Melissa Dahl is a senior editor covering health and psychology for New York‘s The Cut. In 2014, she cofounded New York’s popular social science site, Science of Us. Her work has appeared in Elle, Parents, and TODAY.com. Her new book, Cringeworthy, is her first book.

In our conversation, Melissa shares with us:

  • How awkwardness comes from self-consciousness and uncertainty
  • How doing improv can help you become less awkward
  • How we create more drama with ourselves than necessary
  • What we can do to become more one with our awkwardness
  • Why the “irreconcilable gap” can lead to awkwardness
  • How to find the “growing edge” and challenge yourself to have more awkward conversations

*This episode may be the most awkward episode of The Psychology Podcast yet (and that’s saying a lot!). So you won’t want to miss it! 🙂

2 Responses to “A Theory of Awkwardness with Melissa Dahl”

  1. Talia Kenan says:

    I loved hearing this side of you Scott! So light hearted and way less ego than usual. So nice to see your goofy personality shine through making the material much more fun, relatable and personable. Stay this way!!!

  2. Gregory Dale says:

    Scott and Melissa, I loved that podcast and the jovial way you developed a good banter and robust level of awkwardness. Scott you seem to be masterering awkwardness with a mischievous humour. Keep the podcasts going.

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