The Power of Wonder || Monica Parker

October 19, 2023

Today we welcome Monica Parker to the podcast. Monica is the founder of global human analytics and change consultancy HATCH, whose clients include blue-chip companies such as LinkedIn, Google, Prudential, and LEGO. Her career has been nothing short of colorful, having been an opera singer, a museum exhibition designer, a policy director, a Chamber of Commerce CEO, and a homicide investigator. She is also a world-renowned speaker, writer, and the author of The Power of Wonder.

In this episode, I talk to Monica Parker about the power of wonder. In today’s fast-paced world, most people fail to notice the richness of life. To become more wonder prone, Monica encourages us all to slow down and pursue meaningful exploration. When we pay more careful attention to the world, we become more empathetic, resilient, and exuberant. Monica shares with us her cycle of wonder framework and how we can be more open and present in our daily lives. We also touch on the topics of personality, post-traumatic growth, mindfulness, and education. 

Website: www.monica-parker.com

Instagram: @monicacparker


  • Monica’s background and expertise
  • The Power of Wonder
  • Cycle of Wonder
  • The wandering mind
  • Wonder shifts our perception
  • Slow thought and quality sleep
  • Wonder-prone mindset
  • Wonderstruck during crisis
  • Wonder bringers
  • Teaching wonder in schools
  • There’s more to life
  • Take a daily wonder walk

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