The Mindful Athlete || George Mumford

July 6, 2023

Today we welcome George Mumford to the podcast. George is a globally recognized speaker, teacher, and coach. Since 1989, he’s been honing his gentle, but groundbreaking mindfulness techniques with people from locker rooms to boardrooms. Michael Jordan credits George with transforming his on-court leadership, helping the Bulls to six NBA championships. George has also worked with Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and countless other NBA players, Olympians, executives, and artists. He is the author of The Mindful Athlete and Unlocked

In this episode, I talk to George Mumford about peak performance. How does one consistently perform at a high level? Whether it be work, sports, art or any other craft, George believes that everyone has the potential to excel. To unlock greatness, we must cultivate mental toughness, love, and learn to stay in the flow state. George talks about his experience coaching the Chicago Bulls, helping the team thrive on and off the court. We also touch on the topics of mindfulness, resilience, forgiveness, and joy.

Website: georgemumford.com

Twitter: @gtmumford


  • George’s background & expertise
  • Basketball with Julius Erving 
  • Performance whisperer
  • Being unlocked
  • Coaching the Chicago Bulls 
  • Staying in the flow state
  • Mental toughness, love, forgiveness
  • The Mamba Mentality
  • Being breathed
  • No struggle, no swag
  • Recover your true self

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