Robert Sternberg || Adaptive Intelligence 

July 19, 2021

Today it’s great to have Robert Sternberg on the podcast. Robert is a psychology professor at Cornell University. Among his major contributions to psychology are the triarchic theory of intelligence and several influential theories relating to creativity, thinking styles, love, and hate. A Review of General Psychology survey ranked Sternberg as the 60th most cited psychologist of the 20th century. He’s authored and co-authored over 1,500 publications including articles, book chapters, and books.


· Robert’s childhood experience with IQ tests

· Robert’s passion for psychometrics

· Development of the Triarchic Theory of Intelligence

· How the Triarchic Theory of Intelligence relates to Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

· The world’s fixation on general intelligence

· How society and the environment create correlations with intelligence

· Expanding college admissions’ metrics of intelligence

· Is psychological testing still valuable today?

· Real world problems VS academic problems

· Rethinking adaptive intelligence as a species

· Application of intelligence to transcend hate

One Response to “Robert Sternberg || Adaptive Intelligence ”

  1. Ollie Escott says:

    Great episode- really liked the multiple intelligences conversation from multiple perspectives. I also liked the inclusiveness of wisdom intelligence definition. For the common good (rather than experience) is a way to include my young students rather than an experience-based that defaults to adults

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