Rhonda Magee || The Inner Work of Racial Justice

March 3, 2022

In this episode, I talk to law professor and mindfulness leader Rhonda Magee about her book The Inner Work of Racial Justice. We discuss her innovative approach to healing racial divides using mindfulness. Rhonda argues that when we bring awareness and compassion to ourselves, relationships, and the environment, we invite healing and connection. We also touch on the topics of education, spirituality, liberation, democracy, and community.


Rhonda V. Magee (M.A. Sociology, J.D.) is a Professor of Law at the University of San Francisco and an internationally-recognized thought and practice leader focused on integrating mindfulness into higher education, law and social change work. Rhonda’s teaching and writing support compassionate conflict engagement and management; holistic problem-solving to alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable and injured; presence-based leadership in a diverse world, and humanizing approaches to education. Her book, The Inner Work of Racial Justice, advocates for a mindfulness and compassion-based approach to confront racial injustice and work towards healing.

Website: www.rhondavmagee.com

Twitter: @rvmagee


  • Rhonda’s childhood and upbringing
  • Personal vs systemic racism 
  • Education during desegregation 
  • Rhonda’s interest in mindfulness
  • Bridge racial divides with mindfulness
  • Liberating practices grounded in being
  • Listen for understanding and connection
  • The ecology for justice
  • Find a collective consensus 

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