Real Love with Sharon Salzberg

August 2, 2017

Sharon Salzberg is a NYT best-selling author and teacher of Buddhist meditation practices in the West. She also cofounded the Insight Meditation Society and is the author of 9 books, the most recent being Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection.

In this episode of The Psychology Podcast, we get to learn about why Sharon has devoted her life to these ideas, how meditation has impacted her consciousness, what characterizes “real love”, what differences exist between the modern-scientific notions of attachment and Buddhist notions of nonattachment, what Loving Kindness practice is, how you can love someone even if you don’t like them (and why you should), how to extend compassion to people who are already self-satisfied, why an important component of self-love is accountability, empathy burnout, how stories play a role in love, why love isn’t a state, why excitement vs. familiarity in romantic relationships is perhaps a false paradox, and how mindfulness can help you reframe even the most emotionally difficult situations.

Sharon also takes us through her RAIN model for mindfulness:

R -recognize

A – acknowledge

I – investigate

N – nonidentification



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One Response to “Real Love with Sharon Salzberg”

  1. Adam Muller says:

    What a great conversation! Sharon’s perspective and experience really helped me think differently about love. A lot of wisdom here. Thanks Scott for having her. Your questions were interesting and thoughtful and I found myself really wanting to hear how Sharon was going to answer them!

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