Neil Pasricha || How to Live an Awesome Life

December 15, 2022

Today we welcome Neil Pasricha who is an author, entrepreneur, podcaster, and public speaker characterized by his advocacy of positivity and simple pleasures. He is best known for his The Book of Awesome series, and “The Happiness Equation” which are international bestsellers. His first TED talk “The 3 A’s of Awesome” is ranked one of the 10 Most Inspiring of all time. Neil hosts an Apple “Best of” award-winning podcast called 3 Books. His most recent book is called Our Book of Awesome.

In this episode, I talk to Neil Pasricha about how to live an awesome life. The levels of depression and anxiety are its highest today. Now, more than ever, is when we need hope and positivity. According to Neil, the key to living a happier life is appreciating the little things. Awe and gratitude should not be reserved for big moments, but they should be cultivated in the everyday. We also touch on the topics of social media, motivation, confidence, and authenticity. 

Website: www.neil.blog

Twitter: @NeilPasricha


    • Neil’s life and background 
    • The Book of Awesome
    • Noticing tiny pleasures
    • The infinite scroll 
    • The confidence matrix
    • The Nature of the Fun
    • The Happiness Equation
    • Never retire
    • Overvalue you
    • Create space
    • Have everything
    • Don’t take advice
    • Our Book of Awesome
    • Savoring and healthy selfishness

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