Nedra Tawwab || Set Boundaries, Find Peace

March 18, 2021

Today it’s great to chat with Nedra Glover Tawwab. Nedra is a licensed therapist and sought-after relationship expert. She has practiced relationship therapy for 13 years and is the founder and owner of the group therapy practice, Kaleidoscope Counseling. Nedra has been featured recently in The New York Times, The Guardian, Psychology Today, Self, and Vice, and has appeared on numerous podcasts. She runs a popular Instagram account where she shares practices, tools, and reflections for mental health and hosts weekly Q&As.


[2:20] Why Nedra wrote a book on boundaries

[3:24] What is a boundary?

[4:22] What is “enmeshment”?

[5:55] Signs you need to set boundaries

[8:52] Why we’re afraid of setting boundaries

[11:16] Is there hope for chronic people-pleasers?

[12:07] Nedra’s personal journey with boundaries

[21:23] How to set professional boundaries

[27:34] Nedra’s experiences with setting professional boundaries

[34:43] The benefits of having healthy boundaries

[36:36] How mental health impacts your physical health

[40:31] How to help people without burning out

[43:40] The importance of boundaries in achieving a work/life balance

[46:57] The 6 types of boundaries

[50:17] Nedra’s experience with writing her book

[51:57] Nedra’s thoughts on growing her Instagram account

[55:26] Porous vs rigid boundaries

[57:09] How boundaries shift depending on the person

[58:13] How to enforce a boundary

[1:00:39] How to deal with depersonalization

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