Michael Murphy || Human Potential

March 25, 2021

Today it’s great to have Michael Murphy on the podcast. Michael is co-founder of Esalen Institute, a pioneer of the Human Potential Movement, and author of many influential books on extraordinary human potential.


[1:38] Michael’s early life

[4:09] Michael’s connection with religion

[8:00] How Michael and Dick Price met and founded the Esalen Institute

[14:34] Michael’s connection to Abraham Maslow

[19:07] Michael’s guest list for Esalen

[27:12] How Michael built Esalen

[33:00] Michael’s thoughts on black-white encounter groups

[40:53] How Esalen Institute’s geography informs its practices

[43:59] Integral Transformative Practice (ITP)

[47:40] How Michael defines heart & soul

[53:48] What is our deepest birthright?

[56:28] Where Michael sees humanity going

[1:06:14] How to carry on the Human Potential Movement

One Response to “Michael Murphy || Human Potential”

  1. Tim Hicks says:

    Hello Scott. Given your interests, you might be interested in scanning my recent book “Embodied Conflict: the neural basis of conflict and communication” (Routledge, 2018). I’d be happy to send you a copy. Let me know if you’d like a copy.

    Great to hear Michael Murphy. I arrived at Esalen in 1973 and lived there for several months in the milk truck I was living in at the time. I studied closely with Dick Price while there. He was a deep influence on my life.

    Onward. My best.


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