Loch Kelly || Living an Awakened Life

June 24, 2021

Today it’s great to chat with Loch Kelly on the podcast. Loch is an author, meditation teacher, psychotherapist, and founder of the non-profit, Open-Hearted Awareness Institute. Loch teaches in a non-sectarian human being lineage using an adult education style based in the earliest non-dual wisdom traditions, modern science and psychotherapy. Loch’s work is to help people access awakening as the next natural stage of human development. He offers in-person retreats, workshops, and online video and audio courses and he has served on the New York Insight Teachers Council.


  • Loch’s spiritual journey
  • Loch discusses “awake awareness”
  • Absorbed vs. panoramic flow
  • Deliberate vs. effortless mindfulness
  • The neuroscience of meditation
  • How to tap into “pure being”
  • Mindfulness for individuals with ADD/ADHD
  • Loch discusses nondual theory
  • How Loch defines “identity”

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