Keeping it Real with Ayishat Akanbi

July 2, 2020

I’m really excited to have Ayishat Akambi on the podcast today. Ayishat is a writer and fashion stylist based in London. Personal reflection has guided her approach of reminding us of our commonalities instead of our differences. Not just for social awareness but also self-awareness, Ayishat resists the black and white thinking that can lead to divisive socio-political discourse and is comfortable “in the grey”. 

From identity to cancel culture, race, integrity, wokeness, the nature of group think and more, she is determined to not let her work fall victim to the dogmatic script that discourages rationality and rewards reactivity.  

Time Stamps 

[00:35] Ayishat Akambi’s educational background 

[04:55] Ayishat shares how she discovered her sexuality  

[05:49] Ayishat “reborn” after her brother’s death 

[07:35] Barriers that hinder a person from reaching their potential  

[10:18] Influencing people using fashion 

[12:39] Self-honesty as way of expressing oneself 

[16:01] Ayishat explains why she avoids using buzzwords 

[18:00] Being “apolitical but engaged” 

[20:37] Insights on balancing neutrality and choosing sides 

[23:42] Ignorance on racism and sexuality because of different experiences 

[30:00] Theory of intersectionality 

[32:15] Categorizing suffering based on race 

[38:16] Feminism and masculinity in culture 

[42:01] Relating patriarchy to power 

[42:01] The stigma of male rape 

[46:11] Why sincere people tell uncomfortable truths to their loved ones and friends 

[48:01] On the truth being offensive and uncomfortable 

[51:16] Privileges based on race 

[54:21] Why disagreements are not equivalent to hatred 

[56:02] Why a person is much more than his or her identity 


Call to Action 

What do you think are the pros and cons on being neutral and not taking a side? Which part of what Ayishat Akanbi discussed inspires or stands out most of you? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below and make sure to subscribe for more content.  

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