Irvin Yalom || Existential Psychotherapy

August 30, 2021

Today it’s great to have Irvin Yalom on the podcast. Yalom is emeritus professor of psychiatry at Stanford University’s School of Medicine and author of many internationally bestselling books including Love’s Executioner, The Gift of Therapy, Becoming Myself, and When Nietzsche Wept. He was the recipient of the 1974 Edward Strecker Award and the 1979 Foundations’ Fund Prize in Psychiatry. His textbooks Inpatient Group Psychotherapy and Existential Psychotherapy are classics and have influenced me personally, deeply. Dr. Yalom lives in Palo Alto, California.


  • Dr. Yalom’s childhood and upbringing
  • Dr. Yalom’s interest in existential psychology
  • Group therapy and death anxiety
  • Rollo May’s influence on Dr. Yalom
  • Dr. Yalom’s books
  • Death anxiety and regret
  • Coping with his wife’s death
  • Meeting Viktor Frankl, Carl Rogers, and other legends in psychology
  • Last moments with Rollo May
  • A Matter of Death and Life with the Yaloms
  • Dr. Yalom’s advice to therapists
  • Overcoming the terror of death
  • Serene acceptance of death


One Response to “Irvin Yalom || Existential Psychotherapy”

  1. Julie Bennett says:

    That has to be one of the most beautiful podcast discussions that I have ever listened to. I really appreciated the simple advice of leading a regret free life in order to be free of death anxiety.

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