Hitendra Wadhwa || Inner Mastery, Outer Impact

August 4, 2022

Today we welcome Hitendra Wadhwa, Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School where he teaches Columbia’s most popular leadership course, the award-winning “Personal Leadership & Success.” Hitendra is also the founder of Mentora Institute, which is at the forefront of creating a new model of leadership that is agile, authentic, and attainable. Hitendra’s research and teaching on personal leadership have been covered by Forbes, Fortune, CNN, Psychology Today, Wall Street Journal and others. He is the author of Inner Mastery, Outer Impact.

In this episode, I talk to Hitendra Wadhwa about personal development. Growth is often associated with the mastery of skills. But Hitendra reminds us that inner work is also growth. The internal battles we face lead us to become more attuned to our most authentic selves. In order to unlock our full potential, Hitendra shares with us Five Core Energies and how to activate them. We also touch on the topics of leadership, service, purpose, and transcendence. 

Website: www.hitendra.com

Twitter: @HitendraWadwha


    • Hitendra’s background and upbringing 
    • Personal leadership
    • Public leadership
    • Ashoka the Great
    • Dominion over yourself
    • Authenticity and our real selves
    • Core Energy: Purpose
    • Core Energy: Wisdom
    • Core Energy: Growth
    • Core Energy: Love
    • Core Energy: Self-Realization
    • Conceptualizing the Five Core Energies
    • Living vs leading 
    • The mystic in all of us
    • From inner dominance to inner surrender

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