How to Be a Happy Lawyer with Dan Bowling III

April 5, 2017

On today’s episode of The Psychology Podcast, our executive producer Taylor Kreiss conducts a guest interview about lawyer well-being. His guest, Dan Bowling III, is a Duke law professor and a positive psychology expert using science to help lawyers become healthier and happier human beings. We address some of the disconcerting mental health statistics, discuss why lawyers suffer from such mental maladies, and share practical strategies that lawyers (and everyone) can use to become more satisfied with life. There’s a great deal of warmth, levity, and humor here as we take on a hugely important topic and provide some actionable advice for how lawyers can flourish!

Enjoy the show and head to blueapron.com/TPP for 3 free meals with free shipping!

To learn more about Dan Bowling, visit his Facebook here.

To learn more about Taylor Kreiss, visit his brand new website here.

One Response to “How to Be a Happy Lawyer with Dan Bowling III”

  1. This episode of The Psychology Podcast sounds incredibly insightful and timely. Addressing the well-being of lawyers is a crucial topic, considering the mental health challenges they often face. It’s fantastic to see a positive psychology expert like Dan Bowling III using science to guide lawyers towards healthier and happier lives.

    I’m eager to learn more about the mental health statistics and the reasons behind these challenges, as well as the practical strategies that can benefit not only lawyers but everyone seeking a more satisfying life. The promise of warmth, levity, and humor makes it even more enticing. Kudos for tackling such an important subject and providing actionable advice for personal growth and flourishing!

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