Find the Place in You that Isn’t Wounded || Niall Breslin

July 20, 2023

Today we welcome Niall Breslin to the podcast. Niall is one of Ireland’s most formidable and inspiring mental health advocates and public speakers. He is the lead singer and songwriter for “The Blizzards”, and was a coach on “The Voice of Ireland”. His award-winning mental health charity “A Lust for Life” teaches young people to be effective guardians of their own minds. He works with a diverse range of clients, including Apple, Google, international NGOs, and The European Parliament. Niall hosts the ‘Where Is My Mind’ and “Wake Up Wind Down” podcasts, both of which are regularly in the UK and Ireland’s top podcast charts.

In this episode I talk to Niall Breslin about mental health. During his early days as an entertainer and athlete, Niall has always tried to put his best foot forward. But behind this confident exterior, he was silently suffering. It was only after he came forward about his struggles that he sought the help he needed. Instead of avoiding negative emotions, Niall encourages us to face them bravely, either through therapy or mindfulness. We also touch on the topics of education, introspection, resilience, community, and empowerment.

Website: niallbreslin.com

Instagram: @bressie


  • Niall’s background and upbringing
  • Surviving a panic attack on TV
  • Opening up about mental health
  • You can run, but you can’t outrun
  • Buddhist meditation practice
  • Re-conceptualizing masculinity
  • Community values
  • Living bravely with mindfulness
  • Vitamin P
  • The Chill Skill
  • Where is My Mind?

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