Find Freedom from Regret || Roberty Leahy

August 17, 2023

Today we welcome Dr. Robert L. Leahy, the Director of The American Institute for Cognitive Therapy NYC and clinical professor of psychology in psychiatry at Weill-Cornell University Medical School. Dr. Leahy serves on a number of scientific committees for international conferences on cognitive behavioral therapy and is a frequent keynote speaker throughout the world. He has authored 27 books about CBT, depression, worry, anxiety, and emotion regulation, which have been translated in 20 languages. His latest book is called If Only…: Finding Freedom from Regret.

In this episode, I talked to Dr. Robert Leahy about finding freedom from regret. Regret is an unpleasant emotion that can motivate us to learn and grow, but there are times when it can keep us frozen in place. According to Dr. Leahy, this is why it’s important to make a distinction between productive and unproductive rumination. He shares the cognitive biases we have about loss and opportunity as well as strategies on how to let go of regret when it no longer serves us. 

Website: cognitivetherapynyc.com

LinkedIn: Robert Leahy


  • Why do we feel regret?
  • Regret is tied to expectations
  • Affective forecasting, coping, resilience
  • Existential perfectionism
  • The free lunch myth
  • Inaction inertia
  • Hindsight bias
  • Adaptive humility
  • Letting go of regret
  • The boredom technique
  • Productive guilt
  • The 8 habits of highly regretful people

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