Final Messages on Leadership and Life from a Dying Coach, with Performance Psychology Expert Paddy Steinfort (MAPP)

by Scott Barry Kaufman, December 6, 2015

We’re incredibly grateful today to have Master of Applied Positive Psychology Paddy Steinfort on the show to discuss his inspirational experience with beloved Aussie Football coach Dean Bailey. Paddy’s new book, Breakfast With Bails, presents some of the timeless wisdom on performance, leadership and life that made coach Bailey a sage and a beloved public figure in Australia. Paddy is himself a former professional Australian football player, who now works as a performance and leadership consultant for teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA football in the USA. We draw on Paddy’s expertise to learn about the psychological strategies of high performance professional athletes. We cover practical topics like mental toughness, mindfulness, creativity, emotional contagion, visualization, self-determination and leaving a legacy in sports and in life.

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Paddy’s book: Breakfast With Bails

Book Trailer

Paddy’s Twitter

“A former professional football player and coach in the biggest sport in Australia, Paddy Steinfort now works as a performance and leadership consultant for teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA football in the USA. He has written guest articles for Sports Illustrated & Psychology Today that focus on the link between performance, leadership and well-being psychology.

In the field of education, Paddy serves as an Assistant Instructor in the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology program at the University of Pennsylvania, and is involved with the Penn Resiliency team, helping facilitate resilience programs within schools in the USA and Australia.” Blurb taken from

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