Exercise, Mental Stamina, and High Performance with Brad Stulberg

November 11, 2016

With this episode of The Psychology Podcast, we take a deep look into how exercise benefits us far beyond the time we spend in the gym. We adapt a quick fire style of questioning and cover a wide range of topics like how Olympic athletes set goals – to the importance of becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. Brad is an expert in the subject and shares practical information about how to recover from stress, how to motivate high performance and how physical fitness improves “life fitness.” We’re making a real effort to improve the show for our listeners and would hugely appreciate 15 seconds of your time filling out this short survey:

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“Brad Stulberg writes about the art and science of health and human performance. He is based out of Northern California. You can follow Brad on Twitter @Bstulberg.” Blur taken from outsideonline.com

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