Everyday Creativity with Ruth Richards

April 18, 2019

Today it’s great to have Ruth Richards on the podcast. Dr. Richards is a psychologist, psychiatrist, professor at Saybrook University, and Fellow of the American Psychological Association. She has published numerous articles, edited/written three previous books on everyday creativity, and received the Rudolf Arnheim Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement (Division 10, American Psychological Association). Dr. Richards sees dynamic creative living as central to individuals and cultures, and a new worldview. Her latest book is called “Everyday Creativity and the Healthy Mind: Dynamic New Paths for Self and Society”, which recently won the won a Nautilus Silver Award.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is “everyday creativity”?
  • What is “universal creative potential”?
  • All the ways people can do things differently
  • The four P’s of creativity
  • Openness and creativity
  • Chaos and complexity in creativity
  • The role of the unconscious mind in creativity
  • The link between mental illness and creativity
  • The controlled chaos of creativity
  • The healing function of creativity
  • Can consciousness get in the way of creativity?
  • Can creativity heal the world?

3 Responses to “Everyday Creativity with Ruth Richards”

  1. Hi Dr. Scott Kaufman!

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    Potential questions for Kristin:
    What are the best practices for losing weight?
    Why psychology plays such a big role in losing weight.
    How she infuses bio-mechanic screening for injury prevention.
    How someone can schedule their workouts to match their lifestyle.
    The mindset needed to have success.
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  2. zack says:

    Hey, just listened to this super interesting episode – I have question about some of the research mentioned:
    at 34:00 Richards mentions some research done by “kunios and beaman”, what is the actual spelling of those researchers’ names? Would love to check out this study.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Kester says:

    I also wish you’d list the references which come up in the conversations. I also tried to look up the Koonious and Beeman consciousness one. And there was one mentioned earlier something about the balance of different factors needed for creativity?

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