Connie Zweig || Embracing Your Shadow

January 26, 2023

Today we welcome the Shadow Expert, Dr. Connie Zweig. She is a retired therapist, writer, Climate Reality Leader, and Citizens Climate Lobbyist. She is the co-author of Meeting the Shadow and Romancing the Shadow and the author of Meeting the Shadow of Spirituality. Her latest book is called The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul, which has won both the 2021 American Book Fest Award and the 2021 Best Indie Book Award for best inspirational non-fiction.

In this episode, I talked to Dr. Connie Zweig about embracing the shadow. We often associate the shadow with negativity, but it’s not necessarily bad or sinister. The shadow is composed of repressed feelings and messages in our unconscious, which can erupt out of control. According to Dr. Zweig, we must develop a conscious relationship with our shadow by doing inner work – especially as we age. As we near the end of our lives, it’s crucial that we conduct a life review to help us repair emotionally and spiritually.

Website: conniezweig.com

Twitter: @innerworkofage


  • Dr. Connie’s interest and expertise 
  • What is “the shadow”? 
  • How to confront the shadow
  • The inner ageist
  • Letting go of “doing” 
  • “Elder is a stage, not an age”
  • The purpose of a life review
  • Emotional repair
  • Depth psychology
  • Spiritual repair
  • From role to soul

One Response to “Connie Zweig || Embracing Your Shadow”

  1. S. U. Atkinson says:

    The Psychology Podcast, with Scott Barry Kaufman, is one of my very favorite podcasts. This episode, with Dr. Zweig, resonated with me. I am so grateful for finding out about Dr. Zweig and her work. Thank you for taking the time to talk about age and for honoring elders.

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