Colin Seale || Tangible Equity in Education

August 18, 2022

Today we welcome Colin Seale, the founder and CEO of thinkLaw. Colin was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where his struggles gave birth to his passion for educational equity. Using lessons from his experience as a math teacher, attorney, and keynote speaker, he helps educators teach critical thinking to all students, regardless of race or achievement through his award-winning organization thinkLaw. Colin is also the author of Thinking Like a Lawyer. His latest book is called Tangible Equity. 

In this episode, I talk to Colin Seale about tangible equity in education. For Colin, real equity work should help reduce the predictive power of demographics on outcomes. In order to do that, we need to teach kids how to think for themselves, so they learn to question instead of comply with unfair systems. Colin shares concrete actions that educators can take to contribute towards tangible equity. We also touch on the topics of privilege, race, bias, and gifted education. 

Website: thinklaw.us

Twitter: @ColinESeale


  • What is tangible equity?
  • Reforming the pathways to success
  • Why equity has become a challenge 
  • The pressure of success and compliance
  • Critical race theory in schools
  • Understanding race and privilege 
  • Colin as a keynote speaker 
  • Leveraging privilege for equity
  • We all have power 
  • Disrupting gifted education
  • Shatter the ceiling of education

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