Christine Robinson || Community Psychology

June 23, 2022

Today we welcome Christine Robinson who is an executive coach, consultant, facilitator, and strategist whose expertise lies in building pathways to policy and systems change. She has worked as a consultant to the White House, the Ford Foundation, Harvard Medical School, the Lumina Foundation and other notable organizations. Christine studied at Vassar College, Brandeis University, and the University of Pennsylvania, and is trained as a developmental and community psychologist.

In this episode, I talk to Christine Robinson about community psychology. In order to nurture a culture of well-being, Christine says it’s crucial to acknowledge the multifaceted identities of individuals. Instead of seeing marginalized groups as “others”, she encourages us to view diversity as a valuable asset to society. We need to listen to everyone’s perspective before we can bring forth social change and co-create an inclusive and equitable community.

Website: christinerobinsonconsulting.com



    • What is community psychology?
    • Urie Brofenbenner’s ecological systems theory
    • Community well-being and collective efficacy
    • Intersectionality of social identities
    • Socialization and meaning making
    • Othering – a barrier to well being
    • Intersectional equity
    • The paradox of differences
    • Inclusive society psychology
    • Co-creation and capacity building
    • Negative impacts of discrimination
    • Cultural intelligence and competence

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