Bridget Phetasy || Why We Need More Humor

May 20, 2021

Bridget Phetasy is a writer and stand-up comedian. Bridget has contributed to a wide variety of publications such as SpectatorUSA, Huffington Post, Playboy, Tablet Magazine, The Washington Examiner, and more. As the owner and operator of Phetasy, Inc., she has built a digital media cul-de-sac, leveraging existing platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Locals to deliver insightful and compelling commentary and observations on current events. Her YouTube show Dumpster Fire is a satirical commentary on the ridiculousness of the 24-hour news cycle. Her weekly podcast, Walk-Ins Welcome, has become staple listening for many influencers in the social media space.


[5:16] The power and utility of humor
[12:26] The usefulness of self-deprecating humor
[14:22] Bridget’s thoughts on social media
[21:21] Bridget discusses politics and values
[28:00] Bridget’s thoughts on being “politically homeless”
[31:31] The link between “commodified outrage” and histrionics
[34:33] The issue of online “trauma-dumping”
[36:21] The language of therapy out in the wild
[39:23] The difference between “performative histrionics” and a genuine cry for help
[43:32] The relationship between narcissism and technology
[47:46] Why it’s so hard to do things that are good for us
[50:27] Bridget’s thoughts on whether speech can be violent
[55:15] What it was like being on Curb Your Enthusiasm
[1:01:10] What it was like wearing a Tucker Carlson shirt for a week in LA
[1:04:20] How to see both sides of an issue
[1:09:09] Which lessons from AA could American politics benefit from?

One Response to “Bridget Phetasy || Why We Need More Humor”

  1. Alan Cook says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I like Bridget’s nuanced perspective and I found the contrast she gave between her observations of behavior in rehab and the way people use social media to be compelling.

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