Brad Stulberg || Finding Groundedness

September 2, 2021

Today we have Brad Stulberg on the podcast. Brad is an internationally known expert on human performance, well-being, and sustainable success. He’s co-author of the bestselling Peak Performance and The Passion Paradox. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Wired, Forbes, and more. He’s a contributing editor to Outside Magazine. In his coaching practice, Brad works with executives and entrepreneurs on their performance and well-being and he regularly speaks to large organizations on these topics as well. His latest book is called The Practice of Groundedness: A Transformative Path to Success That Feeds−Not Crushes−Your Soul.


  • The truth with a capital T
  • Brad’s coaching practice
  • The Practice of Groundedness
  • Benefits of exercise and movement
  • What is groundedness?
  • The right way to strive
  • The problem with hustle culture, optimization, and biohacking
  • Research findings about loneliness, alcoholism, and anxiety
  • Accepting where you are to get where you want to be
  • Difference between stillness and groundedness
  • Process mindset over results mindset

One Response to “Brad Stulberg || Finding Groundedness”

  1. Anda says:

    Such an inspiring show every time! Thank you!
    Regarding the expression of being enough, after I thought about it for a long time and I had a talk with my partner who thinks this expression is limiting, i got to this conclusion: being enough is not about non development as some might think. On the contrary! Being enough means one has all it needs in order to fulfil its next big wish. You’re not stupid, you’re not too old, you’re not too young, or too short, or too tall, you’re not slow thinker you’re not unable to fulfil your dreams! You are all that is needed in order to thrive at making dreams come true. You are enough.

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