Boost Your Focus, Drive, and Micro-Resilience with Bonnie St. John

February 15, 2017

Bonnie St. John is a celebrated author, Olympian, leadership consultant, and Rhodes scholar who has overcome some tremendous odds to become one of the five most inspiring women in America.” Needless to say, she’s a fascinating individual with some wonderful stories and advice to convey to listeners. On today’s episode we focus on her latest book, which is full of science backed/immediately effective strategies to help you bring your ‘A game’ no matter what life throws at you. We discuss “micro-resilience” tactics like cultivating optimism, optimizing your metabolism, and using holiday spices and breathing exercises to neutralize stress. Enjoy the show!

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“For over twenty years, Bonnie St. John has circled the globe as a keynote speaker and leadership consultant for over five hundred different companies, non-profits and associations. From Fortune 100 C-suites to front line management, Bonnie’s initiatives (both live and web-based), have inspired leaders at every corporate level to improve their skills, hone their thinking, and expand their horizons to new levels of performance.  Her flexible, individually tailored, highly impactful, yet entertaining presentations are designed to provide insightful and inspirational solutions to the global, ever changing challenges of the 21st Century workplace. Bonnie has been featured extensively in both national and international media including: The Today Show, CNN, CBS Morning News, NBC News, PBS, NPR, and The New York Times, as well as People, “O”, and Essence magazines, to name just a few.  NBC Nightly News called Bonnie, “One of the five most inspiring women in America.” Blurb taken from bonniestjohn.com

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