Becky Kennedy || Good Parenting

November 17, 2022

Today we welcome Dr. Becky Kennedy. She is a clinical psychologist and mom of three, recently named “The Millennial Parenting Whisperer” by TIME Magazine. She specializes in parenting and child development, with an emphasis on anxiety and resilience. Dr. Becky received her BA in Psychology and Human Development from Duke University and her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University. Her latest book is called Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be.

In this episode, I talk to Becky Kennedy about good parenting. Raising children is no easy task. As a mom herself, Dr. Becky knows what that’s like. Her parenting philosophy revolves around seeing the good inside every child and seeing the sturdy leader in every parent. She shares actionable advice on how to repair emotional connection after conflict, how to reduce shame, and how we can break unhealthy generational patterns. We also touch on the topics of genetics, resilience, attachment, and self-care.

Website: www.goodinside.com

Instagram: @drbeckyatgoodinside


    • Dr. Becky’s interest in parenting
    • The Good Inside Approach
    • Maximizing for attachment safety
    • Raising children with empathy 
    • The most generous interpretation
    • “Two things are true” mode 
    • How to make up with our kids after a fight
    • Dr. Becky’s recommended resources 
    • Prioritize resilience over happiness
    • How to detect and reduce shame
    • Self-care for exhausted parents
    • Tips for cycle breakers

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