How to change your habits with Dr. Art Markman

February 16, 2015

Dr. Art Markman discusses tools, tips and tricks for editing our behaviors and achieving our goals. It’s an incredibly practical episode for those of us who want to lose that weight, write that book and change our lives. Topics include why we tend to fail with habit change, how to live a good life and more.

In this episode you will hear about:

    • How to know you have a habit
    • How to work in league with your psychology to form new habits
    • How Art used this science to lose 40 lbs (and keep it off)
    • Engaging your motivational system via stating goals positively rather than negatively
    • How to get over “I suck thinking” in order to succeed
    • “Getting into the NBA” and how to be realistically optimistic
    • The importance of “implementation intentions”
    • How collecting data can help you achieve your goals
    • How we are more likely to succeed when we view failure as part of the process
    • Art’s thoughts on best-selling book “The Secret”
    • Tools you can use, right now, to start changing your behavior.

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“Art Markman is the Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin. He is also the Founding Director of the Program in the Human Dimensions of Organizations… Art has always been interested in bringing insights from Cognitive Science to a broader audience. To that end, he writes blogs for many sites including Psychology Today and Fast Company.  He consults for companies interested in using Cognitive Science in their businesses.  Art is also on the scientific advisory boards for the Dr. Phil Show and the Dr. Oz Show. “ -Blurb taken from Art’s website

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