The Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger

October 25, 2017

Today I’m excited to welcome Jordan Harbinger to The Psychology Podcast. Jordan is an entrepreneur, talk show host, and world-renowned social dynamics expert. He is also host of The Jordan Harbinger Show, where he interviews leading entrepreneurs, celebrities, authors, and experts on psychology, human performance, behavioral economics, and success.

In our wide-ranging discussion, Jordan and I talk about:

  • How The Art of Charm came to be (and how it evolved to be differ from the pick-up artist movement)
  • What kinds of things go on at his intense, 6-day live programs
  • Where his work at the Art of Charm draws from the world of Positive Psychology
  • Why it’s important to seek expertise from the right places and set healthy expectations
  • Why feeling comfortable in your skin is more of a subtractive process than an additive process, and how to go about achieving this
  • Why we need to delegate nonverbal communication to the level of habit, and some actionable tips for doing so (such as his famous “doorway drill”)
  • Why we should be more open to the idea of outgrowing friends, and signs it’s time to let a friend go
  • How all of this relates to the delicate balance of being and becoming, and the risks inherent in not striving to be your most authentic self

This episode offers a lot of food for thought around self development and how we can use scientifically-proven techniques to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Enjoy!

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