Ali Smith, Andrés González, & Atman Smith || Let Your Light Shine

December 22, 2022

Today we welcome Ali Smith, Andrés González, and Atman Smith. Brothers Ali and Atman met Andrés at the University of Maryland College Park. During their last semester, the trio spent a lot of time reading books on spirituality, philosophy, history, politics, and other related topics. At the same time, they began their yoga practice and developed it under the guidance of Ali and Atman’s godfather. Months of hard work and planning ensued before they finally co-founded the Holistic Life Foundation. Together, they tell their story of how yoga and mindfulness have transformed countless communities in Let Your Light Shine.

In this episode, I talk to Ali Smith, Andrés González, and Atman Smith about mindfulness in education. For 20 years, they have been teaching yoga and wellness to underserved kids, resulting in a decrease in suspensions and fights and an increase in attendance and grades. But it’s not just about the numbers. For Ali, Andrés, and Atman, what matters even more is changing the school’s culture to become a loving and empathetic space for all by teaching stillness and introspection.

Website: letyourlightshinebook.com

Twitter: @HLFINC


    • Introducing Ali Smith
    • Introducing Atman Smith
    • Introducing Andrés González
    • Hope through mindfulness
    • Creating an oasis in schools 
    • The impact of the Mindful Moment Program
    • Reciprocal teaching model
    • Involution: tapping into our universal centers
    • Sharon Salzberg’s and Rhonda Magee’s work
    • Bringing fun and humor to learning 
    • Making yoga and mindfulness accessible
    • Love and empathy need to be consistent and reliable

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