STUDY ALERT: The Dark Triad personality: Attractiveness to women

September 20, 2013 in Study Alerts

The Dark Triad personality: Attractiveness to women 

Gregory Louis Carter, Anne C. Campbell, Steven Muncer

It has been suggested that the Dark Triad (DT) personality constellation is an evolved facilitator of men’s short-term mating strategies. However, previous studies have relied on self-report data to consider the sexual success of DT men. To explore the attractiveness of the DT personality to the other sex, 128 women rated created (male) characters designed to capture high DT facets of personality or a control personality. Physicality was held constant. Women rated the high DT character as significantly more attractive. More- over, this greater attractiveness was not explained by correlated perceptions of Big 5 traits. These findings are considered in light of mating strategies, the evolutionary ‘arms race’ and individual differences.

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