STUDY ALERT: How Low Will Men with High Self-Esteem Go?

March 25, 2012 in Study Alerts


How Low Will Men with High Self-Esteem Go? Self-Esteem as a Moderator of Gender Differences in Minimum Relationship Standards 


Virgil Zeigler-Hill & John W. Campe & Erin M. Myers     


Men tend to establish minimum standards that are similar to those of women for high investment relationships (e.g., marriage) but set lower standards for rela- tionships requiring less investment (e.g., a one-night stand). The purpose of the present study was to examine whether self-esteem moderates these gender differences in minimum standards for romantic relationships. This was accomplished by conducting a cross-sectional study with under- graduate participants (57 men and 124 women) from the southern region of the United States. Participants completed a self-esteem measure and reported their minimum stand- ards for partners across various levels of relational involvement. As predicted, high self-esteem was associated with higher standards for low investment relationships among women but lower standards among men.

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