STUDY ALERT: Dopaminergic Polymorphisms and Educational Achievement

July 5, 2012 in Study Alerts

Dopaminergic Polymorphisms and Educational Achievement: Results From a Longitudinal Sample of Americans

Kevin M. Beaver, John Paul Wright, Matt DeLisi, and Michael G. Vaughn

“Although educational attainment has been found to be moderately heritable, research has yet to explore candidate genes for it. Drawing on data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, in the current study, we examined the association between polymorphisms in three dopaminergic genes (DAT1, DRD2, and DRD4), a dopamine index, and educational attainment. Statistically significant effects were found for DAT1, DRD2, DRD4, and the dopamine index for highest level of education. This study is the first to our knowledge that links measured genes to educational attainment.”

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