STUDY ALERT: Eminent Psychologists of the Modern Era

September 27, 2014 in Study Alerts

An Incomplete List of Eminent Psychologists of the Modern Era

Ed Diener, University of Virginia, University of Utah, and The Gallup Organization, Washington, DC

Shigehiro Oishi, University of Virginia

JungYeun Park, University of Illinois

In the present paper, we analyzed citation impact, textbook citations, and major scientific awards to identify eminent psychologists of modern era (Post-World War II). Identifying these individuals serves educational, administrative, and scholarly purposes. Readers can more readily identify the psychologists who have made the most impact on the profession, as well as the type of contributions that receive recognition. In addition, young researchers can learn what is required if they want to achieve eminence. Finally, our analysis helps pinpoint imbalances in need of change, for example gender and ethnic disparities.

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