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July 1, 2017 in Blog

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Hi All!

Welcome to the July, 2017 Beautiful Minds Newsletter.

Hope everyone had a lovely June! I turned 38, which caused a lot of reflection. How did I become 38? I still feel like a little child inside. But more importantly, what could the next 38 years look like for me and for the world? This is a big moment of transition for me in my life, so this birthday had me doing some deep reflection. But enough about me. I encourage each of you, regardless of whether it’s your birthday or not, to not only work on understanding who you are, but also think about what you could be.

OK, time for some goodies that happened this month:

Podcast Episodes

Getting Grit with Caroline Adams Miller

How to Kick Ass with Sarah Robb O’Hagan

Become 10% Happier with Dan Harris + BONUS Meditation

Get Out Of Your Mind and Live a Vital Life with Steven Hayes

Alan Alda on the Art and Science of Relating and Communicating

Eric Turkheimer on Intelligence, Genes, Race, and Poverty


Finding Mastery Podcast: Authenticity, Creativity, Confidence (with Michael Gervais)

Failing to Achieve Your Goals Can Mean You’re on the Right Track (with Charles Duhigg)

The Expert’s Guide to Boosting Creativity, Mastering Gratitude, and Making Exercise More Fun Than Sex (with Jonathan Fields)


What can comedians teach us about Imagination?

Rethinking autism: From social awkwardness to social creativity

Neurodiversity: When you’re not flawed, just mentally different

The future is emotional

Playworks partners with schools to make recess more than just a break in the day

Can narcissism fuel grit?

Beyond wit and grit

Is there anything grit can’t do?

Raising an orchid child in a dandelion world

To be resilient, don’t be too virtuous

Can you will yourself to be more creative?

For a more creative brain, take breaks

To make better decisions, rely on your imagination more than your willpower

What if (almost) every gene affects (almost) everything?

The Dalai Lama explains what happens when you die (and how you can be prepared)

Helen Keller on optimism

For a profound sense of meaning in life, have sex

What would happen if our political leaders were vulnerable, authentic, and human?

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