The Future Project Launch Party

May 10, 2011 in Blog

This Friday, join the founding members of The Future Project for our Launch Party! The Future Project is a movement calling on young Americans to drive education reform by changing the life of one local high school student over the course of one year; we look to Teach for America and the Peace Corps for inspiration. Our mission is to provide high schoolers in undeserved communities with personal college student and young professional Future Coaches, empowering them to dream, plan, and put into action extraordinary futures. Partnerships will build a project – born of their mutual passion – that will have a tangible, positive effect on a student’s community. In the process, students will gain both the specific skills and the confidence that will allow them to work toward the futures of their dreams.

The Future Project has been developed by a team of over 20 recent graduates across the country, under the guidance of leading educators and social entrepreneurs. We will launch in September of 2011 in at least one school in New Haven, Washington DC, and New York City. By enrolling 100 students and 100 Coaches in each city, we will transform our launch schools, replacing apathy with action. If you are interested in volunteering as a Future Coach, getting involved with our team now, or would simply like to learn more, please email nyc@thefutureproject.org.

We will be hosting our Launch Party in Manhattan on Friday, May 13 (email for more info) and will begin accepting applications shortly thereafter through thefutureproject.org.

Be part of this revolutionary movement, and help transform education and society– one student at a time!

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