Past Talks

Past Talks


March 8, 2016- 92Y 7 Days of Genius– New York, NY

January 5, 2016- Politics & Prose Bookstore- Washington, DC

January 21, 2016- POWERHOUSE Arena- Brooklyn, NY

January 28, 2016- Barnes & Noble, Penn Bookstore- Philadelphia, PA

February 9, 2016- American Camp Association National Conference- Atlanta, GA

February 9, 2016- The Howard School, STEAM Initiative 2016- Atlanta, GA

March 1, 2016- Rush NeuroBehavioral Center Annual Benefit 2016- Chicago, IL

March 3, 2016- Creativity Forum 2016- San Francisco, CA

March 5, 2016- Biola University, 2016 CCCA Symposium- La Miranda, CA


November 12, 2015- Brunswick School, 21st Century Learning- Greenwich, CT

November 14, 2015- Cecily’s Advocacy Workshop, The McLean School– Potomac, MD

October 14, 2015- Curtis Institute of Music- Philadelphia, PA

October 14, 2015, Vogue- Manhattan, NYC

October 16, 2015- Nueva Innovative Learning Conference– San Francisco, CA

October 2, 2015- IdeaFestival– Kentucky

September 10-11, 2015- Innovation Collision 2015– New York, NY

August 17, 2015- Muskogee Public Schools– Muskogee, OK

August 18, 2015- Denison High School– Denison, TX

June 25-28, 2015- Fourth World Congress on Positive Psychology- Disney World, FL

May 21-25- APS Symposium (“The Imaginative Brain”)- New York, NY

May 27, 2015- Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor- Philadelphia, PA

April 7, 2015- University of Waterloo 2015 Staff Conference– Waterloo, ON

March 31, 2015- Creative Oklahoma World Creativity Forum– Oklahoma, OK

March 26, 2015- The Discovery Museums– Boston, MA

March 7, 2015- Twice Exceptional Education Annual National Conference– New York, NY

March 1, 2015- 92Y Off the Top: The Neuroscience of Creativity– New York, NY

February 12, 2015- Texas Music Educators Association– San Antonio, TX

January 30, 2015- Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS)- Chicago, IL


December 5th- Texas Association of the Gifted and Talented– Dallas, Texas

November 15th- National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)- Baltimore, MA

November 6- New York Association of School Psychologists– Albany, NY

November 3rd- Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) Annual Conference- Richmond, Virginia

October 24- North Carolina Association of Independent Schools – Concord, NC

September 23- Empiricist League– Manhattan, NY

September 8- LEGO– Billund, Denmark

August 7- American Psychological Association (APA)- Washington, D.C.

August 14- Collin College– Plano, TX

July 17- Vision 2020 Education Conference– Oklahoma City, OK

June 26-30, 2014- Aspen Ideas Festival– Aspen, Colorado

June 10th- NeoCon 2014– Chicago, IL

June 4th- Lucid NYC– Manhattan, NY

May 20th- Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY)- Manhattan, NY

May 15th- MetroHealth – Cleveland, OH

April 25- National Partnership for Educational Access (NPEA) Conference- Minneapolis, MN

May 1st – Best of Out-Of-School Time (BOOST) Conference – Palm Springs, CA

May 7- UK Sport– Manhattan, NY

May 10- Learning & the Brain Conference (“Smarter, Thinking Brains: Teaching Students Thinking Skills for Common Core and Careers”)- Manhattan, NY

April 1, 2014- Princeton Public Library (“Inside the Child’s Mind Speaker Series”)- Princeton, NJ

March 26, 2014- SUNY New Paltz- New Paltz, NY

March 5, 2014- Haldane Central School District– Cold Spring, NY

March 6, 2014- 92Y- The Genius Debate: Identifying the Origins of Genius– Manhattan, NY

February 26, 2014- Fraser Valley Regional Library– Langley Civic Facility, British Columbia

February 12-15, 2014- International Neuropsychological Society- Seattle, Washington

January 23rd, 2014- Temple Sinai – Roslyn Heights, NY


October 25, 2013- PopTech (“Sparks of Brilliance”)– Camden, MA

October 29, 2013- South Orange-Maplewood School District– South Mountain School Cafeteria

November 16, 2013- TEDx Manhattan Beach (“Imagine That!”)- Manhattan Beach, CA

December 16, 2013- TIES 2013 Education Technology Conference – Minneapolis, MN