Is Narcissism a Character Strength?

May 6, 2016 in Blog

Social-JusticeI’ve been thinking lately of conceptualizing narcissism as part of the character strength “justice”, although it’s a particular form that is turned exclusively inward. It occurs to me that when the ego of the narcissist is threatened, his or her actions and anger mirrors the actions and anger of people who fight for social justice for others. There is fascinating research suggesting that narcissists indeed are highly sensitive to perceived injustices against their self, but do not show the same level of injustice frustration for others. So could it be that justice is an overall character strength, but that it can take various forms– some more adaptive (and helpful to the world) than others? Just a thought I had. Would love to hear your thoughts.

3 Responses to “Is Narcissism a Character Strength?”

  1. Howard says:

    Here’s my first thought: 1) Aristotle’s Golden mean as applied to justice: knowing when to stand up for yourself and knowing when to be thoughtful of others and their rights 2) most people actually do this in everyday life and if they don’t society has all sorts of laws and institutions to deal with this 3) internationally that is between religions and rivals to a large extent justice is I get what I want and you get what you deserve 4) narcissists have such big egos they act as if they are like a state or larger than life actor and they at best play realpolitik and usually behave as if justice means justice for them- now they can make tactical alliances- but for the most part justice is justice for them
    so there- now let’s invent a theory

  2. Howard says:

    Second thought: conversation between me and a friend (my Pilates instructor) Me: The point is to have a strong ego and not a big ego. She: The point is to have no ego.
    If narcissism is to be counted a character strength then it must be reckoned a strength and not just size. So how does justice manifest itself as strength in narcissists? Is it just using something bad for something good (like capitalism uses selfishness) or is it a kind of self mastery or mastery of others?

  3. Murilo says:

    I consider as a very hard task to discuss human personalities.
    One may just ‘see’ what is shown by behave… not inside…
    We are personal huge experiments!
    Hard task indeed, hence human are inside their own spherical ‘soup’ of emotions… spheroid, not a plan, or picture.
    Under my view, some highlights I get from someone are enough.
    Great indeed should be if I could know, for completely, my proper self.